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 exclusively with chocolate and candy manufacturers around the world. The company is servicing the domestic markets in Israel as well as exporting products around to countries around the world.
Meshukladis brings a fresh and innovative approach to import and distribution services, acting as liaison between the manufacturers and retail outlets. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service. Our technical expertise and hands-on experience, ensure that our clients receive the most effective and professional service.
Meshukladis goes beyond typical food distribution to reap profits for its customers by offering desirable products that fit the Israeli market at very competitive prices, We pay the highest level of personalized attention to every detail in order to bring the most innovative products to the markets and we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality chocolate products, candy, novelty items and bakery goods Today, the company is a trend-setting force, and it is amongst the leading chocolate and candy distributors in Israel. It services hundreds of major supermarkets and thousands of local stores, hotels and institutions and it plans to continue growing and expanding its market share.

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Meshukladis is based in Yavne Israel, which is located in the center of Israel and provides convenient access to all major population areas in Israel. The company’s headquarters, refrigeration facilities and warehouses are all located under one roof which gives the company great flexibility, response time and excellent customer service

Our Brands

Meshukladis LTD engage in import and distribution of chocolate and confectionery from countries such as Italy, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and more. The company represents exclusively the following manufacturers: Caffarel, Delconte, Pelino, Almondo, Albert Primer, Rijkenberg, Dolciaria Chirico, Giovanna,